Guinness’s Bodily Functions

If you could see Guinness in his entirety, he is a very thin dog. When he lies on his side, the skin on the top part of his abdomen is lying on the ground – I have no idea where his internal organs fit. So, when I took him for a run this morning and he peed non stop for about 3 minutes, I figure his bladder must have taken up most of his abdomen. Nope, there was still room for 3 mountainous poos. He must have a liver the size of a grape. After waking up at 4am and thinking it would be a lovely cool time for a run, I rolled over and went back to sleep. I took Guinness out at around 6.30am; although it started out overcast, in no time it was very hot and humid. We did 5.3km in around 31 minutes, and I went over the freeway up the road to the Aquatic Centre. I just couldn’t do the same old loop around our streets again, I so need some different scenery. It felt pretty quick, but I have no idea of the exact time due to the repeated potty stops. I guess it was a good thing to do because now I know roughly how far it is and how long it takes, so I can add that to the beginning of a run to increase my distance and finish by running around our streets. I’ve got a 7km loop I can do around here, but to do any more than that, I’d have to start repeating myself and I’d prefer to add a bit of variety at the start.

Guinness has eaten a sachet of my Nestle Vanilla Latte. The boy is full of beans as it is, it will be interesting to see him after a shot of caffeine. Miss 7 got a new pair of dressy sandals today to appease my guilt at Guinness eating her other ones. I only told her what he’d done after she’d chosen the new ones.

I have found a weekend photography workshop in February at O’Reilly’s. It’s run by Trekabout Photography Workshops and it looks like it would be fun. I’ve been planning on a weekend away in Sydney at a financial planning workshop in March, but if I were to choose what would bring me the greatest joy, it would be this one. This is also cheaper. It’s looking mighty attractive.

I have received a reply to my email to our local Councillor as to why I can’t take a dog into Sheepstation Creek Conservation Park when it’s okay to take horses through there. He’s having my request investigated. It’s a start. Be nice to be able to go up there with the dogs early in the morning.

Tomorrow is a rest day, according to Pat (Carroll), which is good because my shin is unusually sore. I’ll probably have a session on the elliptical trainer anyway, but the plan is to take the kids for a swim with another group of home educating families. Ebay is having a no listing fee for fixed price items day or two, so I may well get some items listed for sale. A few extra $$ at this time of year is always appreciated.

Not Hungry

Getting a bit concerned about my food intake. I couldn’t finish dinner last night and it wasn’t a huge meal. I took Guinness out this morning for week 3 of C25K, and all I’ve had is a half slice of toast and a cup of tea. Just not hungry. I lost 2 kilos during the C25K, which isn’t a great drama, but I jumped on the scales last night and I’ve lost another 2kg. I’m now down to 64kg. I need to watch this a bit I think.

Guinness had a great time this morning, he’s starting to run really nicely beside me without tripping me up, and he looks like he could keep going for miles. I, on the other hand, found it quite hard going doing the run parts at a bit of speed. Legs felt like lead. I may have a chat to one of my orthopaedic colleagues – just for a better idea of how much will be too much for him. His other ear is up now too!! It’s time to get a picture of him and get a new blog image put together.

On a happier note, my hubby had a couple of km run last night with no calf pain. Looks like he’s back on track.

There was an eel on the grass near the lake, dead. Why did someone take it out of the lake to leave it to die, when they obviously didn’t want to eat it? That’s totally senseless.

I’m having a bit of a look at Hal Higdon’s 15km training program, it might be a more achievable plan for me at this stage.

Still Running

Last Thursday night at Caboolture Roadrunners, Heleen and I did a sort of modified speed session. I’m paranoid about hurting myself again, so we did a 3-2-1 session. 3 minutes easy, 2 minutes hard then 1 minute walk, rinse and repeat 6 times. It’s always more fun with company and I quite enjoyed it. We had a minute or two to stretch and have a drink at the half way mark but finished strongly.

This morning I took Guinness for a run at Redcliffe and we did 16km in 1.41. I had an enlightenment, you know those things… revelation, that’s the word I’m looking for. When I run, I strike with my heel first but when my legs are tired, I tend to trudge. I’m wondering if that’s why the balls of my feet hurt so much, and extrapolating from that, I wonder if I concentrated and tried hard to maintain my heel strike over longer distances, whether or not I’d still get ball of the foot pain. I’m going to try it out over the next couple of weeks and see.

My cousin and her husband are over from Scotland for a year or two to work and I’m hoping to catch up with them in the next week or two. She’s a podiatrist – won’t we have some fun dinner table conversation!

Andrew, if we come down to the Great Ocean Road marathon, it’s not going to be cheap, with travel and dog boarding etc etc, so I’m thinking I’ll be aiming for the marathon and a bit. It’s a long way to go and a lot of $$ for 21.1km, no matter how nice. Whatever you decide to do, I’m sure we can catch up for some red wine.

Guinness had his second session on the sheep last Thursday. This time I was handling him in the pen instead of Lyndal. He was very good indeed and by the end of it, he was going around the sheep and starting to bring them towards me. Lyndal thinks he’s got potential, I wonder if she thinks I have too 😀

I had a hectic day at work again on Saturday.Emma has decided to keep the little Border Collie stray who came in with tick paralysis. He’s a delightful pup. It’s the wrong job if you don’t want to add more pets to the family, LOL.

Next week is back into schoolwork for the kidlets, and Heleen and I will be doing Narangba Runners trail run at Sheepstation Creek on Tuesday night. That’ll be nice, it’s a nice place but I feel more comfortable there with company. Shame we can’t take dogs there. Other than that, a routine week for the most part.

My Legs Have Never Felt So Good!

Last Sunday’s 10k with Robyn was the last time I went out for a run, I’ve done nothing at all this week. Didn’t go to club last night as Hubby’s aunt and uncle were visiting so we went out the sports club for dinner. Nice red wine, but a little tired this morning 😕 All that rest, plus a physio appointment on Wednesday have left my legs feeling better than they have in a long time. It’s a good thing. I actually dreamed the other night that I went for a run and my legs didn’t hurt. I’ve also been reading more on low heart rate training and by all accounts, it’s pretty gentle on the legs so I might use that to ease back into it. One of the reports I read mentioned an accomplished half marathoner being someone who completes the run in under 2 hours. So, I’m accomplished, LOL. I need to make myself a plan and set another goal. I still think I might do the Russell Island Half at the end of June, I probably should enter that, oh, and enter Glasshouse too. Thanks for the reminder, Mallani.

I’m going to run with MBRR tomorrow morning for a short run then coffee, and Hubby and I are doing another night Glasshouse run on Sunday night. Next weekend is the Mothers Day Classic, then the following weekend is the Glasshouse race. It all even sounds tiring.

Found this blog post on why running a marathon is bad for you. I don’t doubt there’s some fact in some of the points, but there tons of reasons why it isn’t bad for you, both physically and mentally. Not that I’m planning on doing one any time soon.

Whippets are settling in very well. They’re just charming. They’re getting out for a few walks and are getting used to the traffic noises a lot more. Always a bit of a worry walking a pup that’s not fully vacccinated, but in the grand scheme of things, I think the risk of infection around our estate is less than the problems we’d have with frightened unsocialised dogs. I’ll have to take some photographs! After failing to graduate agility class on Tuesday night because all he wanted to do was play with the other dogs rather than do any of the obstacles, I’m going to take Guinness back to obedience classes. 30kg of puppy needs a bit more control!

What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

Or something along those lines. I had an easy 8k with MBRR on Saturday morning followed by breakfast. Legs felt just okay, considering all the rest I’ve had. I had the HR monitor on again and it was darned hard to keep my heart rate down, I had to walk towards the end to keep it under the 138 or so. Too hard, no fun, so I’m thinking that if I run at conversational pace, that’ll do.

Birthday party for a friend on Sunday morning, and a gathering of some the nicest folk in the home ed community. I genuinely enjoy the people who were there, and was disappointed to have to leave so we’d be home in time for the grandparents coming to mind the kidlets. There was an informal trail run at Glasshouse on Sunday evening, and, thinking I need to start to run a bit further, I’d arranged for Poppy and Grandmarl to come for dinner and then mind the gruesome twosome while Hubby and I went out. Unfortunately we got home from the party too late to eat with them, and it was a quick “here’s a pizza voucher and $20, see you in a few hours”. I felt a bit guilty about that. We covered 26km in 4 1/2 hours of running/walking, my legs were exhausted and the last few km were a bit of a shuffle. I probably could have crawled quicker. What was good though, was that my shins and calves felt fantastic, no pain at all. I’ve been paying close attention to stretching lately, so it obviously has helped. What wasn’t good was that I’ve developed a bunion on my right foot which is quite painful. I’ll probably go back to the pod to see how it can be managed before Kokoda. Long term, it may need surgery but I’m sure there’s tons that can be done before that point. I can thank my father for my genetically poxy feet, he had to have a toe amputated because it was perpendicular to his foot and he couldn’t get a shoe on!

When we got home, Grandmarl had swept the patio, done the washing up, brought the washing in off the line, done a load of laundry and hung it out… I’ve asked her to babysit again tonight 😆

This morning the Griffins and I took Guinness and went and walked the Somerset Trial at Mt Mee. Hubby stayed home with Master 5 who had been up all night with vomiting and diarrhoea, which means that I was too. My legs felt really good after last night’s run, shins great, and I was starting to think all was going to be good! Nope, now I’m sore at the top of my ITB and it’s tight at the bottom, just beside my knee, so need some stretching and massage there. If it’s not one thing, it’s another – I’m thinking I’m destined to be a couch potato, or to fund my physio’s retirement.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA As promised, here’s a whippet pic. The brindle and white boy is Tiger and the blue and white boy is Sherbet. Aren’t they just darling!! They’re quick little buggers though, they take off across the backyard and at around 10 weeks, Tiger is faster than Guinness.

The week ahead – probably start to slowly up the miles again, may go out with Anja on Tuesday night at Narangba, and Roseanne and I are doing the Mothers Day Classic on Sunday to raise funds for breast cancer research and support. My mum’s a survivor, been clear for 18 years, Grandmarl is also a survivor, Roseanne lost her mum to breast cancer and is carrying “the gene” so it’s affected us quite a bit. I’ve set up a link for donations if it takes the fancy:

Time for bed, I’m shattered, Master 5 has a lot to answer for!!

Another Quiet Week

The only running I did this week was on Tuesday night with the Narangba Running Group which was just short of 8k along a reasonably hilly route. Being the slowest of the runners, I pretty much ran along the dark road by myself, which although safe enough due to lots of passing traffic, I didn’t really enjoy all that much. 😕 I think if I do that run again, I’ll take Guinnesss – he’s big and black and looks impressive, even though he’s a teddy bear. My legs have been sore again, and the physio hasn’t made as much of a difference as I’d hoped, so on Monday morning I’m off to the podiatrist. It’s obviously not just an overuse thing because it’s not resolving with very little use, so maybe I’ve got an injury. Might end up having an extended break then starting from scratch again. Whatever it takes. I’m at the point where I feel like quitting because running always hurts, but I figure I’ve done so well, I don’t want to pack it in.

But, before I do see the podiatrist, Roseanne and I are doing the Mothers Day Classic tomorrow morning. We got together yesterday and did some scrapbooking of our tribute cards. I think they look pretty neat.

It should be a nice morning out.

I’ve been dabbling in websites again, and whipped up another blog Trail Runner World – I’m hoping to fill it with videos, race reports and product reviews.

Hubby and the kidlets are in making me a Mother’s Day dinner, and I think it’s really trying Hubby’s patience. Happy Mothers Day tomorrow to all the mums!!

Now THAT was a fun run!

I read a blog post recently that suggested that race reports are very helpful for people who are going to run that race, to help them get a feel for what they’re going to be up against. Hubby pointed out that my half marathon race report (I ran a long way, I got tired, and I stopped when I’d finished) wasn’t particularly helpful to anyone. I promise to do better next time.

I had such a nice Mothers Day Eve. Since we were going to the Mothers Day Classic on Sunday morning and having dinner with the Mum In Law on Sunday night, I had my Mothers Day on Saturday night. The most yummy roast chicken dinner with a nice bottle of chardonnay, and the kidlets made dessert. Two layers of puff pastry, sandwiched together with mixed berries and custard creme, and dusted with icing sugar. You honestly couldn’t get anything better in a restaurant. So good!! I was given a bunch of flowers made by Miss 8 at Girl Guides, they were egg cup cartons suitably decorated, and on pipe cleaner stems. I also have a new skivvy with an iron on transfer photo of the kidlets on it. It fits beautifully. I do get tired of the commercialisation of such occasions, and am so much happier just hanging out with my family rather than spending $$ on presents when really, I don’t want for much at all.

It was an early morning on Sunday to get to South Bank for the run, and we picked up Roseanne on the way. We did the 8k run, and she kept saying, you can go on ahead if you like. I so didn’t want to go on ahead, it’s been a long time since Roseanne and I had a run together and it was just really nice to hang out with her. She did really well considering she’d never done 8k, and hadn’t had the chance to run for a while, and we came home in 56 minutes and a bit. Hubby and the kidlets did the 4km walk. My tribute card was featured on Channel 9 news on Sunday night – I guess that makes me indirectly famous? Master 5 won a months’ pass to Fernwood in the lucky draw. I’ll go along and have a go, but in these days of frequent mortgage rate rises and similar uncertainty, there’s no way I’ll be signing up for anything.

I went to the podiatrist this morning. Had some more heel lifts put on my orthotics, and have switched to a neutral shoe instead of my moderate support Asics. Got a nice blue pair of Sauconys. I must have tried on about 7 pairs and went running up and down the footpath in each, so gave them a good workout before I chose the most comfortable. I guess if you have a podiatrist help choose your shoes, they’re likely to work for you. They really do feel good.

This afternoon I went to the physio, my shins are feeling really good so I got him to tackle my calf pain. I had to lie on my tummy and hang my lower legs over the edge of the table so he could see if my calves were tight. His comment – “holy sh%t, they’re tragic!!” suggested I had a bit of a problem,:wink: . After lots of massage and stretches, they do feel better. What with the new shoes and the physio’s magic hands, I’m feeling a bit more optimistic that I may not have to go back to being a couch potato.

I’ve just finished reading a book called The Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss – here’s the website. It’s a very interesting read indeed, and as an entrepreneurial type, I picked up quite a few interesting tips from it.

Much More Comfortable

I had a nice lunch with my Mum for mother’s day today, we went for a buffet at the sports club. She’s not terribly in favour of home education and with my niece exactly the same age as Miss 8 (there’s 10 days between them) and currently undergoing year 3 testing, there was plenty of discussion! I’ve declined to put Miss 8 through the testing because I know she’s doing just dandy.

I was told that Miss 8 needed to do the testing so we could see how she compares to other children. I suggested that comparing children wasn’t a productive thing to do, because academic ability is only one thing that affects how well children do in life. Then it was, “you need to do the testing so they get used to the stress of tests to prepare for the stresses in later life”. Sure, but do they need that stress at 8 years old? Perhaps when they have to deal with such things, they’re going to be much more mature. The icing on the cake was “homeschooling parents just pass their children so they can move forward, but some children have to fail”. Sigh. Define “fail”. And, don’t schools just pass children so they can move forward , so there are children towards the end of their primary school years who can’t read well. Mum had to agree with that. After all that, she gave up and the topic was changed. I get a bit tired of having to defend my choice when my kidlets are at least a year ahead of their peers academically, and they’re polite well adjusted children with lots of friends. We get plenty of compliments on their behaviour. It ain’t broke!!! There, finished venting.

Went out with Narangba Runners again tonight along Oakey Flat Road. I took Guinness with me and was much more comfortable running in the dark on my own. I wore my new Saucony Progrid Trigon 5 Ride and they felt really good. I was still a bit tight in the calves but overall a much more comfortable run. I probably won’t go out with them again, maybe later when I’m faster, but it’s fiddly to get Hubby to meet me after work so he can take Master 5 so I can wait for over half an hour for the other runners, only to run on my own. I can run on my own around here with much less disruption to the family.

I’m starting to think about some running plans, and seeing what I fancy doing over the next few months. My legs are starting to really feel good, there are a couple of very nice sounding half marathons coming up so there’s an option there, and another 10k run at Sanctuary Cove on the same day as some trail runs at Lake Manchester. Too many options!!

Not Much Blogging… But Then Again, Not Much Running..

I don’t know when the last time I blogged was, probably 3 or 4 days ago. I’m wondering if I’m better off blogging more frequently but with more brevity, or writing a longer post that may be more interesting, and doing it less frequently. I think the issue is that I don’t have interesting things happening in my life on a regular basis, it’s all quite routine and mundane.

I haven’t done much running of late, did a few laps at running club on Thursday night with Robyn and Anja, nice slow pace, and nothing since. I didn’t get to do the 30k at Glasshouse on Sunday, a last minute child minding problem meant I had to look after the kidlets. I took them to the kite fest at Redcliffe, and we had a nice morning out nonetheless. Just leaves me quite short as far as hill/trail training for Kokoda, which is only 2 months away now.

I was back at the physio today, he does something amazing to my calf muscles – trigger point therapy, does that sound right? He finds the sore tight spots and presses them, then stretches everything, and they end up just feeling so good!! I’ve pretty much got no pain in the calves now, and I’m being really good about stretching a lot after any sort of exercise. Hopefully that’s the end of that.

I spoke to our local Fernwood about honouring the 1 month pass, which is actually from Fernwood at Jindalee, about an hour’s drive from here. They declined, but did give me a 2 week pass to try them out. So, I’m off tomorrow for a cardio workshop, then I do a weights workshop. I may as well make the most of the two weeks. If anyone knows someone over Jindalee way who would like a free month at Fernwood, let me know and I’ll stick it in the mail.

I’ve entered the Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run on Sunday, it’s 10km along the coast and should be a stunning place to run. I’ve often thought of going up there to run along the boardwalk but as it’s an hour’s drive from here, it’s a bit indulgent. I’m of two minds. On the one hand, it’d be interesting to run it well and see what I can do after around 4 weeks of not much running. On the other, I think it’d be great to have a leisurely run and appreciate the scenery. Mind you, running it well might be the same as running it leisurely, LOL. Hubby and the kidlets are doing the 3k run. It’ll be a really early start to the day, and it’s been quite chilly, so will be hard to get out of bed.

Hubby has just pointed out a fun run on Sunday too around the University that allows you to run with your dog!! Very proactive, and if I hadn’t already entered at Caloundra, I’d be inclined to enter there with Guinness, just to support them in allowing dogs. I still fancy organising a fun run for dogs and owners, but am up to my eyeballs in lots of other dribs and drabs at the moment. Maybe later in the year.

Easing Back Into It

Nice easy start to the week, as I make myself get back into some sort of exercise routine. I’ve been feeling a bit out of the loop since the half marathon and have been pretty unmotivated, what with my sore legs and the cold mornings. Monday saw me spend half an hour on the elliptical trainer, while the kidlets actually did their mathematics without fuss or fighting. They’ve been so good lately, I’m thinking about taking them to a doctor.

On Tuesday I took Guinness and the kidlets on bikes out for a 10k run around my usual route. It was slow, and there were a few stops, but Guinness was really good on his head halter. He’s learning not to pee on every tree he passes, and he no longer drops to the ground in front of me to rub the halter off. Anyway, I had no discomfort at all during the run, legs felt really good, it actually felt weird. I’m so used to some soreness that it felt totally different to feel nothing. Not that I’m complaining :smile:.

I’ve had a couple of tours of Fernwood at Petrie, it’s a stunning setup, absolutely spotless and really well laid out. Their casual monthly membership works out at around $100 per month. That’s a lotta lotta dosh. Given that the newspaper has just mentioned another likely interest rate hike, I don’t think I’ll be taking them up on it!

Nothing really interesting happening otherwise. Running club tonight, gym tomorrow then we’re making flowers for the local Sorry Day ceremony which is on Monday. Working Saturday then Sunday morning is the Caloundra Foreshore Fun Run. That’ll be nice, but we’ll have to be up there early, and it’ll be freezing!!!